How To Reverse FNB eWallet Payment – Fast!

Did you know it’s actually possible to reverse FNB ewallet payment?

If you happen to have sent the ewallet to an incorrect cellphone number, or payment amount, you can quickly reverse it back to your bank account.

I know how frustrating it can be when that happens and wish your money could be reversed quickly, with a click of a button.

Without wasting your time, here’s how you do the ewallet payment reversal.

How To Reverse FNB eWallet?

The fastest and most convenient way is to use the FNB ewallet number on your cellphone via the USSD banking service.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to reversing your e-wallet transfer faster, before the recipient gets a chance to withdraw the your money.

Step 1: Dial *120*321# to access the FNB mobile banking service.

Step 2: Select option 4 for “Send Money”, then next…

Step 3: Select option 3 for “eWallet reversal”, then next…

Step 4: From the list of payments, select a transaction you want to reverse.

State your reasons for reversing the ewallet payment

And you’re done.

FNB will begin to investigate and process your eWallet payment reversal.

Unfortunately, this isn’t completed same time, it’ll take between 4 to 15 business working days for the reversal to be completed.

And lastly, there’s no guarantee that you’ll get the money back.

In the process, the recipient’s and your eWallet services will be suspended for the time being, until the reversal is done.

A lot of clients have complained about the current reversal process and hopefully, it’ll be enhanced soon.

How The FNB eWallet Works

eWallet is the most popular way of transferring money by using mobile banking. Basically, whoever you send the money to, doesn’t need a bank account to withdraw the cash, but just a working cellphone number.

  1. The FNB account holder send money using the eWallet service to a cellphone number
  2. The money is transferred securely and instantly – no waiting for payment clearance.
  3. The recipient (cellphone number) receives and an SMS with payment withdrawal details.
  4. Money can be withdrawn immediately at the FNB ATM.

The eWallet pin expires in 16 hours from the time of the transaction. And if the pin has expired, the recipient can dial *120*277# to request a new withdrawal pin. The new pin will be valid for 4 hours.

Quick Advice

Please use the FNB app to make eWallet transfers because you’ll get access to a list of contacts in your phone.

You won’t need to type in the phone number but select from existing which you know works and belongs to the right recipient.

Always take caution and double-check the cellphone number before clicking that send button, even when using the app too.

It’s your responsibility to check the number before transferring because the bank will charge you to reverse the eWallet payment you’ve sent to the wrong number.

eWallet Reversal FAQs

Can the FNB eWallet be reversed?

  • Yes, absolutely.

Can you reverse eWallet payment using the app or online banking?

  • Unfortunately, the only option to use is the USSD service.
  • There’s no service/option to reverse the payment online or via the mobile app.

What happens when the eWallet pin expires?

  • Request a new pin by dialing *120*277#.
  • The pin will be valid for 4 hours.

Visit for information about the eWallet reversal.