Nedbank Branch Code

The Nedbank branch is required to make online and eft payments.

If you can't find your branch-specific code, use the Nedbank universal branch code number 198 765 that applies to all transactions in South Africa.

Let's take a closer look.

Why use the Universal Branch Code

The universal branch code is a unique and centralised 6-digit code for all the Nedbank branches across the country.

By using the Nedbank universal code, your payment will be guaranteed to reach the accounts faster. It's easy to remember and can be used for any account type at Nedbank.

It's always difficult to keep the branch-specific code where you've applied for the account.

And the universal branch code solved that problem for many bankers in South Africa.

In fact, some banks such as Capitec and Standard bank no longer issue the branch-specific code but always the universal code.

Always use the Nedbank universal branch code number 198 765 for all the payments you'll be making.

Find a Branch Near You

Of course, you can always search for Nedbank branches near me and Google will give the closest locations.

Or you could simply visit the Nedbank branch locator for a more specific location, addresses, and contact details of the branch.

On the page, you could search for any address or drop a pin on the map to search for locations.

The Nedbank Branch Locator

Once found the Nedbank branch near you, click on "Get Directions" to see more details.

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