How Much Do Bloggers Make In South Africa?

Today I want to show you how much bloggers earn in South Africa.

I've been blogging full-time since 2017, and I've seen the best and worst days in blogging.

So if you have a blog and wondering how much money you can make with it, then you're going to love this article.

Let's get started.

Blogger Earnings In South Africa

One thing I learned in my experience, it always depends on the industry you're is focused on to make money as a blogger.

Blogging is an advertising industry in which businesses pay for promoting their products and services on your website.

You'll need a lot of traffic to make money online.

I've solely been using Adsense for my blogger income in South Africa and it has been a blessing since.

Before I tell you how much you could be making with your blog, I want to advise you to check the following Adsense calculators to choose your industry.

There, you'll get a sense of how much you can potentially make with your blog.

The calculators will help you come up with a better strategy in order to boost your income for the blog.

It's a numbers game, the more quality traffic you get to the blog, the more money you're likely to make in South Africa.

According to the Adsense Revenue Calculator, the finance industry has more advertisers than other industries and pays more.

So, when I first started blogging in 2017, I was making less than R100 per day. But today I earn more than R450 per day with blogging.

On average, bloggers make between R1,850.00 to R3,400.00 per month in South Africa. And the reason for that is most South Africans don't blog full-time, but rather as a hobby or additional income.

You'd make that amount probably in your first year of blogging, also depending on the amount and quality of your blog traffic.

Once your start building your blog traffic, audiences and followers, you'll begin to see growth in your monthly blog revenue.

I'm currently making an average of R13,000.00 to R19,000.00 per month from one of my blogs (not this one).

Blogger Income Report

I've been focused so much on the quality of my content and adding value to my readers, and that automatically boosted my organic traffic to the site.

To succeed in blogging, you'd be required to put in a lot of work if you want to a living with your blog because there's a lot of competition now.

Big publishing agencies such as News24, Briefly, MyBroadband, etc are also using Adsense for their revenue. And by the way, they started these businesses as blogs and now making millions of rands from advertisements.

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