Fundi Study Loan: How to Qualify & Apply for Student Loans

The Fundi Study Loan is a type of finance tailored for your educational potential.

Fundi is a leader in education finance solutions since 1996. They've been helping students with finance every step of the way to a better life.

Want to know the best part?

Their finance solutions are way affordable compared to general lenders such as banks.

The Benefits

You'll have the benefit of financing your study fees throughout the educational journey of your life.

Fundi Study Loan is affordable and designed to assist potential students like yourself.

It's not only created for studying at a higher institution, but the Fundi student loan is also available for primary, high school, and varsity.

This only covers your education fees, excluding accommodation and tools. If you also want to finance accommodation, then you'd want to apply for the Fundi accommodation loans.

The goal is to help you enjoy your studies, without worrying about the finances around them.

How to Apply for the Fundi Student Loan?

Fundi has the most effective way of applying for a study or educational loan.

Apply online on their website ( at the comfort of your home.

Enter your personal/contact details and Fundi will call you back to process your study loan application.

They'll request the following documents, to check if you qualify for the loan:

  • South African ID
  • Proof of income
  • Proof of address
  • Proof of enrollment

You must have a good credit score because the Fundi Study Loan does not require any collateral to secure the funding. You'll qualify for the loan based on your credit ratings and affordability.

How it Works

Once your student loan is successful and approved, Fundi will pay and allocate the funds directly to the institution's bank account.

This process ensures the money is used as intended, to help students improve their career prospects and not for personal use.

All confirmations will be communicated with you to proceed with your enrollment for the chosen course.

You'll put in the work and efforts into your studies and complete the course in record time.

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