Dstv vs Netflix Price Comparison in South Africa

I've seen a picture making rounds on social media that compares the Dstv vs Netflix cost breakdown.

While the big question remains, which is cheaper, I felt the cost breakdown illustration on this picture was a bit misleading.

So today I want to clear the air for you since I'm using both Netflix and Dstv services at home.

Let's get started.

Is Netflix Cheaper than Dstv?

The Short Answer: it basically depends on your needs.

While a lot of people consider Netflix cheaper than Dstv, it doesn't necessarily mean it's true.

Some Dstv packages are way cheaper than the cost of streaming shows on Netflix and I'll explain why.

Okay, based on this illustration I'm just going to compare the Dstv premium package vs Netflix prices.

First, the pictures state that Dstv premium costs R959.00 per month which is also misleading because the premium price in 2021 is actually R829.00.

And the cost of subscribing to Netflix is R169.00 this year.

Let's do some calculations:

  • Dstv Price: R829 * 24 = R19,896.00
  • Netflix Price: R169 * 24 = R4,056.00

It seems as if Netflix is cheaper than Dstv right?

Well wrong, what the picture and my calculations don't indicate, is the cost of unlimited internet in South Africa. Unlimited internet is a requirement to watch shows on Netflix.

I'm using Rain's R699.00 5G unlimited home internet. Some people may be using other internet service providers, depending on their areas that cost even more.

Now let's recalculate the costs of watching Netflix:

  • Real Netflix Price: (R169 + R699) * 24 = R20,832.00

Now that's the real price comparison for Dstv vs Netflix in the country.

I hope that helps you decide, based on the costs, which platform you'd like to have at home for entertainment.

In my case, I'm using both platforms for sports, unfortunately, Netflix doesn't offer sports entertainment but great shows.

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