Can You Really Earn R8000 Per Week With Bolt?

In 2019, one Bolt driver complained and said it's impossible to make R8,000.00 a week with the app South Africa.

And Bolt South Africa still has that ad running this year, in 2021.

This means it may be true for other drivers however I ran an experiment (with my friend) and would like to share the results with you.

Let's get started.

If you were thinking of investing in Bolt, I'm sharing this information to help with your decision-making.

I know a lot of vehicle owners and drivers on Bolt seem to discourage others to join the platform because there isn't money anymore.

But I can assure you, Bolt is one of the best and affordable investments you could ever make.

Earlier this year, I've shared how much money my friend earned with Bolt South Africa in March.

And the calculations indicate it may be difficult to make over R8k a week with Bolt.

In our experiment, we've never reached an amount higher than R6,500.00 a week, excluding Bolt commissions and booking fees.

Here's a quick breakdown of our earnings in April 2021.

  • Week 04/05 – 04/11 = R1,942.72
  • Week 04/12 – 04/18 = R5,404.33
  • Week 04/19 – 04/25 = R6,251.07

So the highest amount we've ever made on Bolt is R6,251.07.

When Bolt claims drivers can earn up to R8,000.00 per week with the service, they probably have a proven statistic to back this statement.

The interesting part?

The R8k claimed earning will not be your take-home salary with Bolt.

Bolt charges a 20% commission plus booking fees for each trip you make.

From our R6,251.07 last week, bolt deducted the 20% commission (R1437.75) and booking (R271.93).

And your take-home driver salary would be R4,542.14. You would then need to use some of your take-home salary to pay for fuel and other services of your car.

So the question remains, can you really make the R8,000.00 earnings on Bolt in one week?

The simple is No - Definitely not!

It's practically impossible in South Africa. Even if it seemed like a seasonal business, which spikes maybe at the end of the month, we couldn't do it.

We've been monitoring our efforts during this experiment, putting in more hours during different times of the day but still nothing.

However, it doesn't mean you cannot make enough money with Bolt.

It's still the best investment for side hustling income and a permanent job for many South Africans.

Want to know the best part?

You work on your terms, be your own boss.

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