Bolt Driver Earnings Per Week in South Africa (Take-Home Salary)

Before investing in any opportunity, people often want to know how much they'll be making from that investment.

So today, I want to show you exactly how much I've been earning with Bolt in South Africa, and you can too.

Whether you want to make a passive or residual income, you're going to love this article because I have proof of the Bolt income report for you.

Let me show you how much Bolt drivers earn per week and month.

Bolt Driver Salary

We all know for a fact that people are making a lot of recurring income with Bolt.

Some have permanent jobs and treat Bolt for a side hustle.

If you were still in doubt about how much Bolt drivers earn in South Africa, let me help you with a decision.

Here's my March 2021 total driver earning from Bolt.

I made a total of R15,487.00 in March 2021 - that's not bad.

You'll notice there's a total of R645.22 booking fee that Bolt takes for every trip.

And that's not all, Bolt also charges 20% commission for every successful trip drivers make for customers.

With that said, now here's what will become your take-home Bolt driver salary, if you've made close to what I made this month.

  • Total payout: R15,487.00
  • Bolt Commission: Total payout * 20% = R3,097.40
  • Bolt Booking Fees: Bolt Commision - R645.22
  • Total Bolt Driver Salary = R11,744.38

Though Bolt claims you can make up to R8,000.00 per week, a lot of drivers seem to think that's impossible.

But I hope the above calculations will give you a better understanding of the costs around your Bolt driver earnings.

In short, that's my average take-home driver salary with Bolt every month.

And that's only if you're owning the car and driving for yourself.

If you're just the driver, then you'll have to pay the car owner's share of the income based on your agreement.

The owner of the car may arrange a percentage-based or check-in payment agreement with you, the driver.

So as a driver, from the R11k final payout from Bolt, you may take home about R4,500.00. This is because some of the money will go the fuel and other vehicle-related costs such as traffic fines and vehicle annual service.

Eventually, it just always boils down to how much effort you're going to put in order to earn more income.

Bolt Payout Day

Bolt releases payments to drivers weekly, in the early hours of every Monday.

And the amount will reflect in the driver's bank account within 2 business working days, depending on the bank you're using.

So you'll need to better understand your weekly income with Bolt because some clients may choose to pay with cash.

If you don't, you may not see the full monthly earnings as calculated above.

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